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SEO For Trades

Tailored SEO Packages to get Trades business Noticed In their local community

SEO For Trades

SEO For Trades – Be Seen and Be Found

Search Engine Optimistation (SEO) is a mixture of techniques used on your website (onsite SEO) and off your website (Offsite SEO).  When done right, overtime your website will climb the search engine results for keywords that we target, resulting in your website being found on the first page on the likes of Google.

We always say, it is one thing having a website, but it is another thing for people to find it.  When SEO is done for your business, it will help propel your business online and help get you noticed resulting in more leads and more customers.  It is an essential part of any businesses marketing strategy and we highly recommended it.

Please note though, SEO is not a quick fix, it takes time to see results, it requires consistant work and you can expect to see results around 3-4 months, but is well worth it. Any company that tells you otherwise or promises you number 1 rankings quickly, be very weary of them.  SEO is however, a critical part of your online marketing strategy, in todays world, everything is moving online, people use search engines and now even technology like Alexa to find local companies that can provide them with the service they need – With our SEO For trades services, we will get your business listed and shown to them when they search for your service!

SEO For Trades Packages Include:

  • Full audit and optimisation of your site in its current state
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content Articles
  • On-Page Optimisation of your site
  • Off-Page Optimisation of your site
  • High quality backlinks
  • Regular submission of your site to Google
  • Directory citations
  • Google Business Profile Optimisation/Set-up
  • Google Business Profile posts
  • Social Media posts
  • New Pages targeted to your services and areas you serve
SEO For Trades

Your Trades Business Needs SEO

We often get asked, do I really need SEO, I am only a small business?, well…. investing in SEO services, especially for a local business has a number of advantages, they are:


  • Geo specific search terms – What do you mean geo-specific search terms? for example Kitchen Fitter Peterborough or Electrician Spalding. These are usually less competitive than generic key phrases. We call them location specific search phrases and are highly searched for, generating valuable traffic to your website from local people who are in search of your services you offer. (traffic is simply people visiting your site) 
  • More local business is cost effective – If you provide a service to a certain area and thats what we target, you will be getting local traffic, but won’t be paying out for things that cost you when you have jobs to do from further away, such as petrol and time.  You will be one step ahead of your offline competitors who haven’t thought about the benefits of local SEO For Trades.
  • Stay competitive with other businesses local to you – If there is another business in your local area offering something similar to you, then local SEO is a must for you to keep your business above the competitors, you want the business!
  • Greater local visibility – Local visibility is the ability of a business to be seen by its target audience within a specific geographic area. It’s important for businesses to be visible in their local market in order to attract more customers, increase brand awareness, and generate higher sales.  Get your name out there! this means more visitors, more leads and ultimately more business!

Ready to get started with SEO for trades? or want to have a chat first?

We have a few SEO For Trades packages available, which one is right for you, will depend upon your industry and areas you work, how compeitive it is, which is why it is best to have a chat first, so we can get an idea and recommend the services which are best suited to your business.

Simply fill out the form below for a FREE consultation to discuss your SEO For Trades requirements and needs, or contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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