What Are Plugins In WordPress

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What Are Plugins In WordPress

WordPress has widely become one of the best Content Management Systems to create websites and blogs with. The function of WordPress has opened up endless possibilities, taking it to a new level no longer limited to just a blog site. With a huge range of WordPress plugins already available, and many more being added constantly, it is now possible to create custom pages suited to you and your business.

But what are plugins in WordPress. Essentially, plugins are scripts developed by various programmers all over the world, to give users more options for their website pages and blog posts. Plugins perform extra functions on your site. A WordPress plugin for example can be used to display recent comments, a search bar, or as a spam prevention tool. WordPress templates are proving to be extremely popular for externally hosted websites, so having the ability to add more features makes the WordPress plugins a very handy source of free programming!

WordPress is free to install, all you need is a hosting and domain name, somewhere to put your website, and then WordPress can be installed. There are various plugins that can be downloaded from https://wordpress.org/plugins/. There are free and paid plugins available and what you will usually find is that the free plugins are lite versions, so you have some restrictions, they give you basic functions, (basic functions can be absolutely fine for some people and businesses), whereas the paid plugins are fully featured plugins.

While many people set up WordPress blog pages to share personal and social stories, blogging has become an essential part for the marketing and promotion of businesses. Blogs started out for individuals wishing to write an online journal, now not only can you create a blog in WordPress for your business you can create a whole professional website. (You can see how one of my local business clients use WordPress as a website and as a blog by clicking here).

WordPress plugins provide excellent tools for customising these types of sites, with add-ons in a wide range of categories including:

  • Search engine optimisation
  • Membership sites
  • User restrictions and password options
  • Visitor clicks and statistics
  • Search boxes
  • tracking tools
  • Social media integration
  • Plus whole lot more!

If you are thinking about designing a website for yourself or your business, think about what you want your site to achieve and then discuss it through with your web designer so they can source the appropriate plugins to give you the functions your site needs. We here at CW Marketing, as standard with our design service include the necessary plugins for Search Engine Optimisation, so you can start to get noticed by the likes of Google, Social Media Integration, and plugins to give you statistics on where your website visitors are going from plus a lot more features.

We will also get an idea from you about what you are wanting to achieve with your website and then suggest and source the appropriate plugins for you.

If you want to discuss your website project with us, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01775 518004 or fill out the form here and we will be in touch shortly.

Otherwise, if you have found this post helpful then please do share it by clicking one of the buttons below (these buttons are a free plugin by the way 🙂 the plugin is called Sassy Social Share and can be found here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/sassy-social-share/) sharing really does help us out so thank you.​  Leave any comments or questions in the comment section if you wish and we will get back to you also.​

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